What a great week we had during this last February half-term. We were a little bit concerned that it might be cold and wet, and certainly windy with all of the storms that have been raging around the country this new year. There’s been a bit of snow and hailstones have pattered off the windows at times too, so perhaps even that wintery weather might have come into the equation, too.

Elite Kids Coaching CheerleadingThe beginning of the week looked like our fears might have come true, because it was definitely February-type weather on the Monday. Tuesday, though, and things began to clear up, and the rest of the week was definitely a vast improvement, being sunny, dry and not at all windy. Not too warm though, although our kids really don’t need any outside influence once their belting about for five or six hours on our camps. Monday’s poor weather didn’t dampen any enthusiasm either. I remember being immune to cold and wet too when I was that age.

Apologies to anyone who wasn’t close enough to one of our camps this February half-term. We did run them at six different venues, which is more than we’ve done for a while coming out of lockdown. Now we’re looking to go full steam ahead to Easter at Ledston and the Hut in Airedale again, together with our dedicated rugby camps at Doncaster, Saddleworth and Seaton. We’re sure to be adding more camps running up to the holiday, so keep an eye on the website. Our Rugby Camps at Batley, Latchford, Hull and Stanley were very well attended and enjoyed by some very talented kids. We’re sure most of them will be back again if we run the camps there again. Why not message us to request a venue close to you? Knowing where you all are makes it a lot easier for us to plan.

We cater for a multitude of tastes and pastimes, so whether your children want to play lots of different sports at our Holiday Camps and Community Camps, concentrate on their rugby skills at our Rugby Camps or learn how to live in the wild in our Adventure Camps, we’ve got it all covered.