OK, it’s on! Want to win a goody bag full of prizes? Well then, you may be in luck – although luck has nothing to do with it – it’s all about skill – and having fun! So what’s it all about? New Year’s challenges? Nah! It’s you lot – in your front rooms (or gardens if the weather allows it – not likely!) – getting a sweat on without even realising it. Like I said – it’s loads of fun!

What we’ve got for you is a different challenge every week. Make sure you video your challenges to put yourself forward for the prizes, and post them for us to judge whether you’ve got that PE Pro thang going on. Actually, you might win if you fall over and make us all laugh, so I fibbed about the skill bit too.

PE Pro is the brand new Elite Kids Coaching incentive for schools to help with their primary PE. We’ve created an App with a schedule composed of every PE lesson plan that might be needed to form a complete PE scheme of work. We’ve taken some of the challenges from the App and devised some new, devilishly tricky ones just to share with you all during these strange times. We’re not putting a full PE lesson plan out there, just a few engaging snippets to get you off the sofa for a few minutes each day.

PE Pro Challenges - Teaching Points

The challenges come in all shapes and forms and can be attempted by just about anybody, including your gran and maybe even the cleverer and more dexterous pets out there (not sure Fido would be able to complete the entire PE scheme of work though!). There are challenges with interesting names, some with enigmatic names and some with down-right dull names – come on Coop! Just to whet your appetite, here are a few; Swat the Fly (this is like frying pan cricket – ey, what?), Treasure Island, Chase the Tail, Lilypad Race, Toy Challenge, Cat & Mouse and Dance Off dance routines – and we know how funny dad looks doing them, don’t we?

If you can manage to read the next paragraph without falling asleep, we promise that the games are much more fun than their names; Penalty Shootout, Pick and Place, Underarm/Overarm Throwing, Rolling a ball to a target (snore) and Underarm throw to partner. I’m only teasing. The names give you a good idea of each challenge’s aim, and they’re great to try out. The lads have really put a lot of effort in to come up with something engaging and heart-pumpingly energetic without you realising it.

PE Pro Challenges - Dance - Teaching Points

So now you know what it’s all about, what are you doing still reading this? Find us on your favourite social media platform, get your camera out and get sweaty!

If you’re a primary PE teacher, why don’t you have a look at PR Pro? As I mentioned above, there’s a complete PE scheme of work and every session is covered by a different and unique PE lesson plan. All you have to remember to do is to download the day’s session onto your tablet before you head out into the middle of a non-wifi-friendly field. Visit our website and ask for a free trial for your school. We promise you won’t regret it!

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