We posted a blog a couple of months ago telling you all about it and that it was on its way. Well, the wait is over. PE Pro has launched this week. To recap, PE Pro is an application that not only works on mobile devices, but also on the computer desktop. It’s designed specifically to help teachers to deliver PE classes in schools, without the need to craft the lesson or put together all of the Ofsted-necessary paperwork – it’s all done for you. The relevant sessions are downloaded to make them available to use offline, so each lesson will be unhindered by any lack of wifi. This means that you can use it in the middle of a sports’ field, or any other place, regardless of how remote that place might be. As long as the device is charged, the class will run smoothly.

Jason Robinson - PE Pro Ambassador

Who’s Involved?
The App is the brainchild of Ryan Hudson, who has twenty years of experience in sports’ coaching and fifteen years playing professional rugby at the highest level, including representing his country. He realised there was a need for this type of application and set to work to develop it by asking Professor Kevin Till and Dr Tom Van Rossum to join him in his quest. These two academics, whose expertise lie in athletic development and physical education in primary education, respectively, added their know-how into making PE Pro the forward-thinking, easy-to-use tool that it is. The App is such a wonderful innovation that Jason Robinson, OBE, MBE and Rugby World Cup Winner has joined with all the excellent work he is already doing in schools. He realises that the PE PRO App can improve the provision of physical education in schools by freeing up the time of the teachers, so that they can concentrate on enjoyable delivery rather than tedious planning.

How is it Organised?
The App itself is intuitively organised into several key areas. Each one of over a dozen different session types is split into dedicated sporting and fitness activities. The session types are composed of several plans that are each composed of a combination of successively accessed documents, videos and assessments, each created to offer maximum tailored benefit to each specific learner. Formative assessments and milestone evaluations are designed to be used to help gauge each learner’s progress all the way through the course of their studies. The whole experience is organised, managed and documented to deliver the entire curriculum to each individual learner, session by session.

Try it for FREE
If you’d like to try it out (and why wouldn’t you?), you can do now … free of charge with a fully supported 7-day trial. If you don’t agree with us that this is an unrivalled and innovative piece of software that makes the task of delivering physical education a much easier task in your school, then you haven’t lost anything. But we think you’ll love it. In fact, we’re certain of it! To give it a go with our free 7-day trial, simply download the App and experiment. We’re sure you’ll find it to be a massive boon to your physical education toolbox.