We’ve shaken things up over the past few years with our fun, new activities, run by two professional coaches per session (instead of the more usual one that other providers offer), bringing their expertise and experience to where it benefits the kids most. In many cases, our professional coaches are ex-professional sports players who know exactly what’s needed to get the best out of each training session. We’ve built up our delivery methods from these solid bases of our ex-pro knowledge and experience and have honed them through the involvement and participation of the children who’ve enjoyed our camps and school sessions. We quickly developed fit-for-purpose session plans, tailored to each specific activity that we deliver. These plans are now viewed by our school partners as essential time-saving tools that simplify the preparation and organisation of schemes of work and topic outlines. In short, we’ve done all the groundwork so that the school teachers and quality teams don’t need to!

PE Pro Coaches

So great. What’s next?

What’s next is PE Pro. PE Pro is an application that will work on desktop and mobile devices. Each relevant session can be downloaded to work offline, so the lesson can carry on unhindered by lack of wifi in the middle of a field, or even at the top of a mountain. All the teacher has to remember to do is to charge the device before everyone runs off outside!

The app is organised into several key areas. There are over a dozen different session types; each one dedicated to a specific sporting or fitness activity. Each type comprises several plans that are in turn composed of a combination of sequentially accessed documents, videos and assessments, all developed to offer the maximum benefit to each learner, at each learner’s level of engagement and capability. The assessments can be used as progress markers for formative purposes, right up to more formal, summative feedback. The whole experience is organised, managed and documented to deliver the entire curriculum to each individual learner, session by session.

We think you’ll agree with us that this unrivalled, innovative piece of software will make the task of delivering physical education a much easier task in your school. We’re so certain of it, we’re offering a free, fully supported 7-day trial. Why wouldn’t you give it a go?

You’ve had the good news – now for the bad. It’s not available yet – but it will be at the end of the month. Give Ryan Hudson a ring on 07540 636936 to make sure you don’t miss out.