It doesn’t seem like too long ago since I was writing that it was already school summer holiday time. I couldn’t believe it had come around so quickly. I now find myself doing the same thing again, but this time regarding Christmas. If I didn’t know better, I’d think there was more than one holiday of this type each year. Maybe I’m just getting old. I can still think back far enough to when I was at school and still got excited about Christmas. It’s great when you have kids of your own – apart from the worry about having enough money to buy the presents and the food, and also whether the correct gifts are available to buy and not completely sold out – but it just doesn’t have the same feel about it as it does when you’ve only experienced a handful of them. There’s also the added pressure of excited little ‘uns running around the house like it’s a wall of death. Most of you now know what to do to alleviate the last issue!? Elite Kids Coaching holiday camps – yay!

We’ve got our usual holiday and community camps this December, and they’re at some of the usual venues of Ledston, Ryecroft, Airdale and Knottingley. The cold weather never seems to spoil these winter camps as the kids run around so much that they’re central-heated from the off.

No promises that Santa will make a visit at any of the camps – but you never know!