I think we can all agree that camp weeks are everyone’s favourite week here at elite, we love delivering your PE lessons at school but it’s also nice to take a break and have some fun! The Half term holiday camps take a lot of preparation, behind the scenes our coaches are working hard to prepare you the best week ever. Parents can sit back and relax, or go out and try to complete the 99 things on their to do list while the kids are gone for the day. Everyone deserves a break! Our camps in Leeds run through the majority of the school holidays and we have some right fun there! We have specialist sports coaches, and a team of dance teachers who are there to make sure you have the best week ever!
Leeds is a big place, and I love the idea of the camps being so accessible to children from all different backgrounds. We support diversity and encourage everyone to come and have a go because I can guarantee there will be something we do that you will enjoy!

Many children get to the age where they want to play on their games and talk to friends online without realising how easy it is to become addicted! I think the best way to spend time with friends is to meet up and do something you both love, so why not come to half term camp in Leeds and join in with the fun? I know I will be!
Childcare doesn’t have to be boring, your child is guaranteed to be safe and well looked after throughout the whole experience of attending our camps. We have some of the best coaches, we make sure we don’t only employ for the sake of good coaching, we employ good people. You can trust that all our coaches are 100% Elite. Your child will have the BEST day with us.

A safe environment is important to us and we are sure to follow all the covid guidelines, we don’t want anyone catching that horrid virus!
I personally think that an elite camp is the better option over any other sort of childcare as we don’t just teach basic boring sport, we create and design exciting activities that children love!

Our camps in Leeds are a great opportunity to try something you’ve never done before too… we do dance, gymnastics, football, rugby, and even swimming! If you want to learn how to light a fire and survive in the wild then an elite camp is the place to be!