How many of us have children who don’t go outside to play? Why should they, they have multiple immersive games at their fingertips (literally) and their friends are constantly in their ears. Perfect – except for the exercise part. They need to be out, chasing each other, climbing trees, building dens, flying kites and jumping in puddles. They might curl up their lips at the thought of that, but the actuality of it would be as rewarding to the current crop of kids as it was to us when we were their age.

Elite Kids Coaching specialise in getting kids on their feet and out in the fresh air. Our aim is to get kids moving and laughing, and yes, learning too! Childrens’ games are a huge learning experience, including elements such as team building, leadership, trust, hand-eye coordination and quick-thinking, to name but a few. Yes, they can achieve many of these traits whilst playing online, but the benefit of exercise is priceless and will set them up for life.

We’re running the first of our Summer Camps this half-term week. They run from 8:15am to 4:15pm, so there’s plenty of time to get your kids along before you get off to work – or go and do the shopping – or whatever else you need to do without having to look after them all day! You’re guaranteed that they’ll be in a safe environment all day, having fun and learning along the way. They’ll be with their friends, making new friends and not getting into mischief or getting under your feet.

Elite Kids Coaching Summer Camps start again for the summer holidays proper on 27th July and will run until 3rd September. Either check our Holiday Camps web page or ask at your kids’ school to see if we’re running a camp there. If they’re not, ask them why not!!

See you for the fun this summer.