Do you do any exercise? Do you enjoy it?

For most people, keeping fit can be a real chore. Quite often even the mere thought of keeping fit depresses a lot of people into somnolence. As an adult, the act of keeping fit is generally rather a dull affair; weights, cross-trainer, jogging. Children, on the other hand, spend their playground time running around screaming and laughing whilst getting their hearts pumping and the calories burning. They don’t even realise that they are exercising for goodness sake!

I don’t mean to sound patronising, but I’m sure you remember having that much fun. You can still tap into that rush. Go and play some badminton. Join a team to play football or netball or whatever it is that might rock your boat. Our new sister company, Elite Health & Wellbeing has been set up solely for this purpose, offering lots of fun things to do that will also keep or get you in trim. If you do decide to come along, have your first session on us. It’s free!

Everyone benefits from regular exercise. I know I’m back to patronising again, but it’ll help you to lose weight, strengthen your muscles and bones, lower your cholesterol and blood pressure and even lower your chances of developing type 2 diabetes. What you might not take into account is that exercise is invigorating. It can benefit sleep, it can improve your physical and emotional state and it can really help you to feel good about yourself. In short, it can make you happier!

There are three main elements to fitness. Strength, endurance and flexibility. Kids in a playground improve strength by swinging on a climbing frame, boost endurance when chasing or being chased in a game of tig (or tag, dependant upon where you’re from) and show off their flexibility by whizzing through assault courses.

Our Elite Kids Coaching programmes are designed specifically to be fun whilst at the same time offering the children maximum exercise potential. Strength is targeted each time a kid climbs, swims, takes part in gymnastics and pretty much every activity we throw their way. Better endurance comes as a result of getting the body’s larger muscles working during aerobic activities. This forces the heart to beat faster as it pumps more oxygen around the body from harder working lungs. These aerobic activities are fun activities, such as football, rugby, swimming, racquet sports and just general chasing around. Pretty much every activity that a child does will also help with flexibility, as they stretch, twist and bend.

There are lots of kids who fire straight out of the door as soon as they get home from school and run around until it’s time to go to bed. That’s what I did when I was young, but times have changed. I don’t know if I’d have plonked myself in front of a console instead of climbing trees and playing British Bulldog, but a lot of our offspring are doing just that now. It’s difficult to monitor their time on these devices and spending too much time on them is certainly not beneficial to their health. Getting them involved in Elite Kids Coaching sessions gives them a real opportunity to get their hearts beating and have fun – especially if their mates also attend. And if they don’t, they’ll make new friends along the way. It also gives you some freedom during the school holidays.

If you can’t wait for the holidays, we’re really excited to announce our brand new Sports Academy that launched this month. It’s got all the fun stuff that the camps offer but your children can take part during term-time. We like to put our money where our mouth is at Elite Kids Coaching, that’s why we give you your first session free. We’re so convinced that you’ll love it!

It’s win, win, win! What are you waiting for? Our mission is to inspire the next generation, so book a session today!