At first glance, this article might seem as though it’s going against the Elite Kids Coaching ethic, in that it discusses computer games at length. Stick with it though and all will become clear.

We know that it can sometimes be a difficult, and even traumatic task to get your sons and daughters to turn off their Xbox, PlayStation, computer or tablet, so we’re going to explore the reasons for that.

What is it that they like so much about digital gaming and YouTube videos?

What’s the draw?

It’s fascinating seeing what they watch in online videos. Usually, young people doing daft things, like filling a paddling pool with marshmallows and crawling around in the mix. Try not to laugh too hard mum! Sometimes the focus is on emulating what goes on in games, real or digital, such as bending a football into the top corner of the net. Quite often it’s other people playing games This actually bamboozles me. Why not play yourself, or play for real? This latter may involve scurrying around a wood with a good rifle-like branch. Hey, it worked for me when I was a kid!

I suppose watching peers doing stupid things in videos might veer them away from doing the same type of thing in real life. I quite often hear the phrase “what an idiot” wafting down the hall from my son’s room when he’s watching this type of media. We know from experience that kids (and not-so-kids too) try to emulate their heroes, especially footballers. Whether it be tripping over trying to do the Ardiles rainbow flick, missing majestically unlike Beckham’s unbelievable halfway goal in the nineties or celebrating a la Ronaldo, these skills can be honed (or messed up spectacularly) by watching the footage. I suppose skills and are also picked up through watching others play games, which could offer a tactical advantage. Not too dumb that one!

Some of the kids whom we coach are mad about playing ball games. They’ll happily run around for an hour kicking and throwing the ball around and then go home to do the same thing on Xbox, shouting at their mates in much the same manner as they do when they’re on the same field. It’s quite logical really. But what about the “run around shooting” games? Sorry, “shoot ‘em ups”! Thankfully they don’t jump off the PlayStation and go out into the street doing that one for real. But what if they could? No, really. Obviously in a non-lethal way. What if they could?

Some bright spark at Elite Kids Coaching HQ had a brainwave. I’m not going to say who it was, but we all know, don’t we? The idea was to give our kids the opportunity to play Fortnite in a fun, safe environment, just like we do with everything else that we offer. For those of you who don’t know what Fortnite is (grandma and grandad), it’s a game set on an island whereby a player needs to either kill off all the zombies or other players to claim victory. Players can find different weapons and health potions to help them along the way.

Anyway, back to the brainwave. We’ve devised an environment and scenarios where the children can happily soak each other with water pistols, water blasters and water bombs all within the Fortnite theme. We all know this as a “water fight”, but we just know that the kids will own it, and they’ll know they’re playing Fortnite for real.

We already have several of our summer camps rigged for this activity, and hopefully, we’ll be able to role it out to more of them, if not all camps soon. Have a look at the Elite Kids Coaching Holiday Camp Booking page to see the available listed camps – and book soon if you want to avoid disappointment. We anticipate that places will go REALLY QUICKLY!