Ever wanted to be a sports coach? Or maybe a dance coach? What puts you off; the cost, the time it would take, or perhaps just the lack of opportunity? Well, read on, because we can tick off all of those boxes for you. All you need is the will to succeed.

Let’s start with the usual bugbear. How much will it cost? Well, you might be surprised to learn that it costs nothing! That’s a big, fat, round zero!! No pounds!!! Completely free!!!! Yes, you can train to be a sports or dance coach with the best in the business, here at Elite Kids Coaching absolutely free. You pay nothing because it’s all completely funded.

It can be tricky balancing something like this with the rest of life’s demands, but this isn’t a full-time course over months or even years. The traineeship course that we offer here at Elite Kids Coaching runs over six weeks and focuses on either sports or dance. This is a full-time course, full of concentrated sessions, all based in the Castleford and Pontefract area.

You’ll need no higher certification than a level 3 or equivalent to get onto the course, which will lead to a certificate in Activity Leadership in Sports & Coaching. We’ve got multiple pathways including apprenticeships, full-time or self-employed work, and we can also assist you in the transition into a college course, a job or an apprenticeship, even in another field. Best of all, if you dazzle us with your ability whilst you’re on the course, we might even offer you a position on our coaching team.

We’re here. Waiting for your call. Better still, fill out the form below and tell us why you’d like to be an Elite Trainee. Go on. You deserve it!

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