I think 2020 was a crazy year for everyone but we are coming out of lockdown now and with light now shining at the end of the tunnel that means that here at elite we have been working like mad to prepare ourselves for seeing everyone again! Our COVID-safe PE sessions and COVID-safe half-term sports camps are a safe place for parents needing that little bit of extra support and children who are dying to get back outside doing what they haven’t been able to for months!
We can now interact with friends again so why not make the most of it and attend a half term camp?

Our coaches behind the scenes are planning on ways to give you the experience you’ve been missing. I’ve been stuck in the house for so long I’ve forgotten what it’s like to live a normal life! The highlight of my week was a trip to Asda armed with face masks and hand-sanitiser! Finally, some normality and we can all get back to doing what we love, including our coaches who have been missing you all and hoping for the day our camps can go ahead again! Our camps in Osset, along with our other camps over other parts of West Yorkshire are completely COVID safe and follow all the rules and regulations to ensure parents’ peace of mind and ours too, we want everyone to be safe and have the best time with us!

Exercise is a perfect way to get back outside and an even better way to enjoy the summer and the warm weather if you are doing something you love! Our elite camps are perfect for providing every sport that you can imagine and making them the most enjoyable camps in West Yorkshire.

Parents need not worry! Our camps are a 100% safe environment, and I mean covid and coaches, children will be excellently looked after by our elite staff.
There are many worries and anxieties about going back out again and trying to live a normal life. Parents worry about kids going back to school, grandparents worry about going to the supermarket, children worry about their parents and they are longing to see their friends again. Our camps are just perfect for easing back into normality.