OK, so the summer camps are all packed away back in their boxes for another year. We’ve prevented several hundred kids from going mouldy from lack of exercise over the holidays and a few bottle tops have been popped open at Elite Kids Coaching HQ. Feet up, smiles on, pat on the back for a job well done.

Summer camps This summer was awesome. The kids were great. We ticked all our boxes and found quite a few extra rogue ticks that don’t have boxes! I’d like to take this opportunity to thank and congratulate every last member of our team. All the EKC girls and boys were fantastic. I’m proud of you all. Sniff!

So now it’s time to relax for a week or so and get our hols in. School holidays are over and we’ll be back into the new term before we know it. But we’ve already got our sights set on camps for the autumn half-term, and following on from the runaway success of the summer camps, we know they’ll be better than ever. We offered more swimming sessions and the all new Fortnite water blaster activities over the past few weeks and were blown away at the popularity of them. Fortnite especially surprised us. We were expecting it to be popular, but couldn’t believe how much so. The kids absolutely loved it … almost as much as the EKC crew … er-herm!

October campNeedless to say, we’re already getting stacks of phone calls asking about the next camps. The kids (and their parents – you’re not daft) want to make sure that they can get places before they’re snapped up. Whereas there are only so many places available in each camp on each day, extra demand does allow us to stage extra camps. The issue with this though is that it doesn’t take too long before we start to struggle to find extra venues in high-demand areas, not to mention staffing them – and only the best represent Elite Kids Coaching, as the name suggests!

So in short, loads of fun last summer, more fun at autumn half-term, limited places, so look out for the camps as they come online. We’ll keep you informed.